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FAQ PRINCE2 training aim to satisfy your curiosity about PRINCE2® and our approach to teaching it.

Why do PRINCE2® training?

It increases your personal market value. AND value-for-money provided by projects to your organisation. Look at FAQ PRINCE2 training answers below. And find out the details.

What is PRINCE2®?

PRINCE2® is a project management method. It is like an Aviation Checkbook pilots use for flying planes. Aviation Checkbook makes flying safer. PRINCE2 makes business change safer.

What is PRINCE2® training?

It´s about completing the Foundation and Practitioner modules. And passing two exams to achieve a globally recognised certification. Training conducted by FlexiLern aims to make you exam-ready in four days.

What is involved in PRINCE2® training?

Listening to the instructor. Practicing tips and tricks that improve your chances at the exams. Doing mock exams to check that you are exam-ready. Reading the guidance.

What is PRINCE2® certification training?

It´s like preparing for getting a driver´s license. It involves learning PRINCE2® road signs and road rules. Plus, obtaining practice in driving projects safely and efficiently.  In short, becoming exam-ready.

Is PRINCE2® training worth it?

It has been going strong for 25 years. And shows no sign of slowing down. Some 2 million Practitioner certifications issued should mean a thing or two, shouldn´t they?

Why do I need a PRINCE2® qualification?

Knowledge of PRINCE2® grows your competence. It will make you better at your job. This connection is recognised by employers, growing your chances for getting hired or promoted.

What benefit will a PRINCE2® qualification bring to my career?

A PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is recognized and valued world-wide. In particular, IT, Finance, Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering have a soft spot for PRINCE2 folks. Big-league transnationals love them, too.

What benefit will using PRINCE2® bring me?

You will gain confidence in what you are doing. That will make you less nervous and calm people make fewer mistakes. Cool and self-assured managers are, well – cool!

What benefit will using PRINCE2® bring my business?

PRINCE2 reduces exposure to risk involved in managing change. Smooth running of change-making projects also reduces cost of change. Lowering risk and cost is one core business mantra.

What benefit will using PRINCE2® bring a public administration?

When public administrations apply the PRINCE2 method to running projects they can claim applying due diligence to the spending of public funds. Auditors appreciate the extra effort.

How long is PRINCE2® training?

FlexiLern Virtual Instructor-Led Training takes a total of four days, weekdays or weekends. It´s kind of a bootcamp that aims to make you exam-ready. Classroom courses take one day longer.

Is PRINCE2® training expensive?

A globally recognized certification of professional excellence can’t come cheap. If you sign up with FlexiLern, it won’t cost you a fortune either. Besides, it’s an investment in your career.

How much does PRINCE2®training cost?

With FlexiLern, 295 EUR a day MAX (net of VAT), book, two exams and one Take² safety included. Location, group and other discounts may apply.

Is learning PRINCE2®difficult?

It sure requires an effort. As a method, it has own logic and language. The learning curve is pretty steep. And getting exam-ready involves practicing some tips and tricks.

What is PRINCE2® Foundation training?

In a nutshell, it’s about studying the nuts and bolts of the method. Seven principles, seven themes and seven processes. The manual is only 400-odd pages thin.

What is PRINCE2® Practitioner?

In a nutshell, it’s about taking mock exams during two days and filling the gaps. Also getting used to thinking under stress and practicing efficient use of scarce time.

How can I sit the exams?

In class as part of your group ticking boxes off on a paper form. Or over the web, individually, at a time and location of your choice. You decide.

Are PRINCE2® exams difficult to pass?

Historic success rate for Foundation exam is in the upper 90s, for Practitioner – in the lower 70s. You’ve got the odds in your favour. But stay focused.

Where can I book PRINCE2® training?

Hey, that was an easy one – RIGHT HERE!


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