PRINCE2 benefits in 2022

Convinced of PRINCE2 benefits and looking for best offer PRINCE2 training in 2022?

You don´t need to look any further.

To reap the full PRINCE2 benefits, your end objective will be to obtain Practitioner certification from PeopleCert, the PRINCE2 examination institute.

Register for scheduled Virtual Instructor-led Training.

Or ask us for a price quote to schedule your own classroom PRINCE2 course:

    Course Type (please choose)
    FoundationPractitionerFoundation + Practitioner

    Course Venue (please choose)
    in-house on your company premisesat a conference/business centre near-by

    If still unsure, follow these 7 simple steps to make up your mind.

    7 steps how to book a PRINCE2 course in your areaTo achieve full certification, delegates need to complete PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner training modules. You can take them separately or in one swipe. By all means, choose the path that best fits your requirement.

    As PRINCE2 training and certification cost is significant, it makes good sense to study course programmes to figure out, which of our PRINCE2 training products will bring the best return for your investment.

    Besides, PRINCE2 exams are difficult. There is also a difference between the types of complexity that Foundation and Practitioner exams present. While one requires a good grasp of key principles, themes and processes, the other is based around solving business scenarios.

    For both exams, mastering the wearing of the “PRINCE2 hat” is hugely useful.

    It involves using abductive reasoning to identify and refute wrong answer option by applying PRINCE2 arguments.

    We make it a big point in our courses to teach delegates this “Gumshoe technique”.

    By far and wide, our most popular best offer PRINCE2 course is the combined Foundation+Practitioner (we call it the DoubleDip) one. It takes delegates to certification – from zero to guru – in only five days.

    This course package includes the cost of the PeopleCert Take² safety, offering candidates one free exam resit.

    The safety takes out a lot of stress caused by the fear of flunking the exam,  significantly raising the odds of obtaining certification on the first try.

    For further details, hear it from the horse´s mouth.

    When considering to buy PRINCE2 training, you can well afford out-of-the-box thinking.


    PRINCE2 course in your area

    May be your organisation is getting ready for its annual retreat? Suggest to event planners that a PRINCE2 course in the margins might add substance to the programme and produce a tangible business benefit.

    Or may be your executives have become intrigued by PRINCE2? We will be delighted to conduct a three-hour executive familiarization seminar, aimed specifically at the level of corporate decision-takers.

    Or, say, you are organising a business convention or some other professional gathering? Again, a PRINCE2 course immediately before or after the event dates could draw a larger crowd to your event and boost attendance. In this case, we´ll pay you an agent´s commission.

    We can help you make plans at a fairly short notice.

    Four weeks after the receipt of your payment will give us enough time to make all necessary arrangements. If you absolutely, definitely need the course to take place sooner, we would probably figure that out, too.

    …Now, more than ever, PRINCE2 can make a difference between getting through the crisis and going down.

    Your return on investment in PRINCE2 training can be business survival.


    Contact us here to ask for a price quote!

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