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PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is a proof of essential PM competence. That´s what businesses and governments across the world tend to agree on.

  1. What’s in it for you?
  2. Why does attempting PRINCE 2 Practitioner mock exams matter (so much)?
  3. The best part (of our training method) that you’ll love
  4. What are your other benefits from an additional day spent in training?
  5. Tailoring – mix your own shade of PRINCE2

RIGHT FROM THE START, A WORD OF CAUTION. Going Through a Standard Two-day PRINCE2 Practitioner Training is Like Drinking from a Hose.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Stretch by Flexilern

That is due to the steepness of the learning curve. And the continuous testing. To build stress levels up even further, you must reckon with the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam being serious stuff. It will wring most delegates out dry.

The bottom line is, completing a typical PRINCE2 Practitioner course schedule requires not only plenty of effort. You will also need to show quite some learning ability. And excellent command of business English on top of that. Essential competence in a top PM method does not come easy.

THAT´S WHY our customized PRINCE2 Practitioner Stretch course IS A WHOLE DAY LONGER than a conventional course offered by other registered education providers.

PRINCE2 Practitioner by Flexilern

What´s in it for you?

Almost DOUBLE the learning time for the same (reasonable) price.  And that´s not the only benefit you will reap.

But before we continue with the benefits’ list, have a look at PRINCE2 Practitioner course details below. Before committing yourself, you should get full disclosure of what your investment will bring you.

Our accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner course focuses fully on achieving exam-readiness. 

The mornings on Day 1 and Day 2 of the course will be essentially dedicated to completing the two Practitioner mock exams in class. An objective is to get the candidates accustomed to the exam setting and time pressure.

top PM method PRINCE2 Practitioner Stretch by Flexilern

In the afternoons, a question-by-question review takes place. Candidates can practice and perfect their use of abductive reasoning. In other words, putting on a PRINCE2 hat. That means, providing rigorous PRINCE2 explanations to refute wrong answer options.

Main benefits of doing both mocks in class include:

top PM method PRINCE2 Practitioner Stretch by Flexilern benefits

Delegates keep telling us that this approach gives them tremendous value.

Over and above that, the trainer will present and discuss a range of tips and techniques to negotiate the exam with confidence.

  • What are the respective benefits of two-pass and time-based techniques.
  • How to onvert questions to true/false statements. Ways of eliminating incorrect options. Looking for grammatical inconsistencies.
  • Ways to see through the shrouds of truth that may be hiding the best lies.
  • How to scan information sources for giveaway words that include qualifiers, true statements and risky words that suggest uncertainty.
  • How to use PRINCE2 guidance efficiently under time pressure.

In the morning of Day 3, following a brief final recap and warm-up session, candidates sit for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.


To be eligible to sit the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination, a candidate must hold the prerequisite PRINCE2 Foundation certification obtained after 1 January 2009.

The following qualifications are also accepted as a substitute for the PRINCE2 Foundation certificate.

Issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI):

  • Project Management Professional® (PMP).
  • Certified Associate in Project Management® (CAPM).

Issued by the International Project Management Association (IPMA):

  • IPMA Level A® (Certified Projects Director).
  • IPMA Level B® (Certified Senior Project Manager).
  • IPMA Level C® (Certified Project Manager).
  • IPMA Level D® (Certified Project Management Associate).

Candidates who wish to have their prior certification recognized must be able to provide documentary proof that their qualification remains current by uploading a scan of their certificate to their profile on

Right, so the programme of our PRINCE2 Practitioner course includes time for sitting a paper-based exam right there in the classroom.

  • We encourage ALL candidates to give it a try. And supply the safety net of the “Take² option”. It allows a candidate a cost-free resit. Its price is included in the course package.

    However, candidates still get a choice.

    top PM method exam choice benefit PRINCE2 Practitioner Stretch by Flexilern

    Candidates get a choice. They can sit for the Practitioner exam in class on Day 3 of the course. Or take it individually over the internet. At a time and location convenient for them.

    Core PM proficiency acvieved throgh Practitioner Stretch courseWhat are your OTHER benefits from an additional day spent in training?

    This way, we got rid of the homework. For most delegates an eight-hour-a-day programme of study is challenging enough. Adding homework on top of that is not our idea of the most efficient way to study. During our course delegates complete homework assignments in class. And they can do it together, which tends to lead to a significantly better learning outcome.

    We know that time is money and you value your time. An additional day incurs additional time investment from you. The trade-off is better exam readiness that translates into higher chances of success.

    Mid-2017 marked the arrival of PRINCE2 6th Edition.

  • It includes a revised guidance (Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 6th Edition). And new Foundation and Practitioner examinations. Since January 2018 we use updated course materials that reflect the new elements of the method.

    Why did PRINCE2 need an update?

    PRINCE2 distils a decade of proven best practices in project management taken from diverse organisations, industries and regional markets. Since its launch, delegates from over 150 countries worldwide sat for over 1,7 million PRINCE2 exams. This is a stunning indicator of the recognition gained by PRINCE2 from individuals and organisations all over the globe.

    But the world of project management is forever changing. And a top PM method must change with it.  Business realities are fluid. Organizational objectives are subject to continuous change. PRINCE2 6th Edition provides practical, authoritative and relevant guidance to anyone managing a project under these shifting conditions.

    The 6th Edition absorbs a wealth of feedback from PRINCE2 practitioners who successfully apply it in today’s dynamic working environment. They are the ones who are facing the ever-growing pressure to achieve more for customers and stakeholders. Their choice of PRINCE2 is not accidental. And their experience in applying essential PM competence is priceless.

    What has changed in PRINCE2 6th Edition?

    The 6th Edition does not amend any of the PRINCE2 fundamentals. The core elements of PRINCE2 remain as relevant as ever. PRINCE2’s overall structure of seven principles, themes and processes stays unchanged.  It’s the emphasis and treatments within these that have shifted.

    The main changes to the guidance reflect the placing of greater emphasis on the following areas.
    top PM method 2017 PRINCE2 Update

    Mix your own shade of PRINCE2

    Flexibility has always been a key factor in the success of PRINCE2. Tailoring permits to adjust it to the needs of any organization. Or the specific requirements of the project in hand. Or, for that matter, professional role of the person managing the project. In the 6th Edition, the philosophy and practice of tailoring runs throughout the training programme as a major thread.

    top PM method 2017 PRINCE2 tailoring

    PRINCE2 is extremely flexible and versatile. Like one would expect from a top PM method. It is also completely scalable.

  • The PRINCE2 6th Edition provides clarification on the mandatory elements. It offers guidance on how to identify the minimum requirement for a PRINCE2 project. Furthermore, it explains how to make selective, but optimum use of PRINCE2’s elements in each particular case. Project scale and configuration greatly vary, and the mix of apt PRINCE2 features can vary accordingly.PRINCE2 offers a wealth of project management knowledge. Its conscientious tailoring to suit specific needs further maximizes its benefits to individuals and organisations.  But ensuring you get the most out of PRINCE2 requires some structured learning.

    Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

    PRINCE2 Practitioner benefits

    Furthermore, for more information about PRINCE2 6th Edition, click here

    For Practitioner exam tips, look here. 

    To answer questions about AXELOS’ online membership service for PRINCE2 users, visit here.

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