Best PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner training – how to find it

Best PRINCE2 training – We focus on doing only what we do best.

Looking for the best PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner training?

Will your project bring you a benefit? Are you sure? How will you know?

Knowledge of the PRINCE2 project management method can help you answer these questions. Before you throw scarce resources into play.

Now, more than ever…

Choose the best PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner training in 7 steps using our Hopscotch Checklist

best prince2 training Hopscotch Checklist 7 steps to actionable benefits

When you know you need PRINCE2 certification, you obviously aim for getting the best PRINCE2 training available on the market.

But we think you’ll agree, it can be REALLY HARD to choose the best PRINCE2 course. Providers´ numbers have as good as exploded. And their offer of PRINCE2 courses is HUGE.

The good news is, that thanks to the rigours of PeopleCert courseware licensing and trainer certification, accredited training providers can generally be relied upon to offer quality PRINCE2 courses.

Nevertheless, choosing one remains a torture. And a judgement error can cost you time and money.

Choose wisely!

You will likely hit the nail on the head when using our own Hopscotch Checklist.

  1. Training programme
  2. Refund conditions
  3. Company size
  4. Provider’s core business
  5. Location and dates
  6. Shop for price
  7. Is PRINCE2 training an expense?

Remember, “Earth” is at the bottom.

best prince2 training Hopscotch Cheklist from FLEXILERN1. Training programme.

Right at the start, here comes the best part. As all PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner courses follow the official PRINCE2 Guidance “Managing Successful Project with PRINCE2” (6th Edition), their content is by and large similar.

You can get some detailed information about the topics covered and the angle from which they are considered from the syllabus of our own course version below.

PRINCE2 Foundation Course – core PRINCE2 proficiency.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Course – certified PRINCE2 competence.

While we also offer the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner modules separately, doing both in a single swipe tends to produce better results for delegates.

However, while accredited course materials of different training providers do have to cover the requisite PRINCE2 foundations – principles, themes and processes – it´s not all plain vanilla. Experienced trainers know how to add to course delivery a taste of a some special flavour.

Our own tweak is to focus this course on the preparation for PRINCE2 exams.

Accordingly, delegates get an opportunity to do the PRINCE2 sample exams in class. Which means, in a setting and under time pressure that simulates the actual exam environment.

On this course, we also devote plenty of time to jointly reviewing the answers. This way we teach delegates how to apply the technique of eliminative induction. Candidates tell us that it is particularly helpful for developing their “PRINCE2 personas”.

And last but not least, FlexiLern is a member of ASPECT- the Association for the Promotion of Excellence in Consultancy and Training: It is a UK-based watchdog that strives to uphold the high quality standards of project management training.

2. Refund conditions.

Before buying a place on a course, read the small print related to the provider’s refund policies.

Training providers typically want you to pay as early as possible. At least weeks or sometimes months in advance. In case you have to cancel, it is not unusual for the provider to try and keep your money.

We at FlexiLern understand that it is often VERY DIFFICULT to keep a commitment for dates that are months away. 

That’s why our own refund policy ensures that in case you have no choice but to bail out, you won´t loose ANY of the money you’ve advanced us. Look here for details of our Terms and Conditions of Sales. 

3. Company size.

A big share of PRINCE2 training is conducted by huge transnational businesses. They run courses as band conveyors churning out PRINCE2 exam candidates by the thousand.

To be sure, it’s great business for them. But when trainers conduct courses to large groups, they loose the possibility to focus on individual learning needs. True, a PRINCE2 certificate is the same regardless whether you win it by the skin of your teeth or with a top score. But you’d rather opt for the latter, wouldn’t you?

In our opinion, focusing on numbers is hardly the best approach to grooming the pick of project management professionals. FlexiLern follows a different track.

We are small. Because we feel, small is good. In a market dominated by conveyor-belt training, we strive to preserve the tradition of hand assembly. The professional education that we offer can best be described as bespoke.

Useful to know all that, right?

But that was only half of the wisdom we are willing to share.

Let’s continue with the tour of your benefits from using our PRINCE2 training Hopscotch Checklist.

need PM training Hopscotch Checklist Flexilern core benefits

4. Provider´s core business.

Customers interested in the PRINCE2 training face a bit of a dilemma.

Among companies ranking on the first-second page for PRINCE2 Foundation or PRINCE2 Practitioner training, the core business of quite a few is rather IT-related training. Others claim expertise in a dozen other fields of training unrelated to project management. These can range from social media and fashion through insurance and tax all the way to telecoms and sales.

On the flip side, small specialist providers of PRINCE2 training rarely rank on the top pages. And as they are much harder to find, generalists tend to scoop the market.

In reality, though, these are just variations of business models.  Generalists use their dominant position in the rankings to charge a premium price and contract trainers from specialist companies to actually deliver the training. From the client´s point of view, they get trained by the same specialists but pay a mark-up on the price.

And how does that help you?

We at FlexiLern prefer to concentrate on doing only what we do best. With two decades of experience in project management, we only offer courses in the PRINCE2® project management method. 

5. Location and dates.

Big training providers tend to offer classroom courses at every conceivable location, often on a periodic basis. But only a few would offer some kind of refund in case they cancel a course or reschedule it to run at a different location, for any reason at all.

We schedule classroom courses exclusively on demand. At locations preferred by clients and on the dates of their choosing. So far, we have NEVER cancelled a course or switched it to a different location.

Now, the pandemic has levelled the playing field by forcing training providers regardless of their size to switch to Virtual Instructor-Led Training.

We reckon, it created a new important client requirement, which is here to stay, pandemic or no pandemic.

In the new circumstances, big training providers schedule virtual courses for most weeks. Then they cancel them one after another, bundling delegates until the group reaches a size that ensures the target profit margin.

In recognition of this new market condition we too will continue offering  scheduled virtual courses.

But our approach is again a bit different. We schedule online course for once a month. And we deliver them even if there is only one registered delegate. One-on-one training is a bit extravagant, and can be gruelling for the sole delegate. But it is very productive, too – and anyway, we feel that we must honour our promise.

However, face-to-face training remains our strong preference. It just offers a better experience. And produces better results.need PM training Hopscotch Checklist courses anywhere Flexilern

This course format is our conscious preference based on our experience. To sum up, key elements of learning involve discussion, dispute and, above all, the sharing of experiences.  Likewise, learning is most effective in a live group because this setting is challenging and motivating at the same time. In a virtual environment, much of the chemistry gets lost.

Face-to-face, we conduct training in groups of 5 to 12 delegates. This size is optimal for maximizing the advantages offered by group dynamics. This course size is particularly important for the review of PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner mock exams, which represents our unique knowhow.

Next, when looking for a  PRINCE2 training provider, don’t look for cheap.

Your true win is value for money.

need PM training Hopscotsch Checklist value for money Flexilern

6. Shop for prices.

As a rule of thumb, the higher PRINCE2 training providers rank in search engines, the  more expensive they’ll be. And you shouldn’t mistake higher price for better value for money. Higher ranking only guarantees that big bucks have been spent on SEO. And guess who will help to recover them? Spot on, it will be you.

One smart way to shop is by checking websites of professional associations like ASPECT. It offers a listing of  vetted training providers whom you can trust.

We at FlexiLern strive to keep PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course prices affordable. Our most attractive prices apply to groups starting from eight delegates. We will aim to offer even lower prices to clients who need to train 50 or more delegates, including at different locations.

In short, our approach to pricing is as individual as our training is bespoke

7. Is PRINCE2 training an expense?

Not really. In our view, this course is more of an investment made with a firm expectation of a return for your company and its people. After all, the past two and a half decades proved that PRINCE2 projects are less risky, more successfull and more likely to result in realization of the desired benefits.

We are sure that next time you use our Hopscotch Checklist, your choice will be wise.

need PM training Hopscotch Checklist your choice will be wise Flexilern

When you need PRINCE2 Foundation or Practitioner certification, buy PRINCE2 training here.


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