Benefits of getting PRINCE2 qualified in 2023

Interested in getting PRINCE2 qualified in 2023?

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Getting PRINCE2 qualified remains an essential career advancement goal also for 2023.

PRINCE2 classroom courses-quickly actionable PRINCE2 training by Flexilern

PRINCE2 qualified project managers remain in great demand globally. PRINCE2 ranks at the top of the best project management training. Important to realize, getting PRINCE2 qualified includes completing the project management essentials training module – Foundation, followed by the higher-level Practitioner module.

Look at FlexiLern course details and consider taking a PRINCE2® Foundation or Foundation+Practitioner course in  2023.

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In fact, you may be asking why do we think that PRINCE2® courses belong to essential PM training.

All things considered, we think that you´ll share our view.


Getting PRINCE2 qualified brings clear and measurable benefits to both individuals and organisations.


  • Advantage in job search. PRINCE2® certification is included as requirement or asset into scores of vacancy notices.
  • Opportunities for career growth. PRINCE2® certifications increase your versatility. And make changing career tracks easier. Not surprisingly, 85% of PRINCE2® certificate-holders said PRINCE2® helped with career progression.
  • Global networking. Join a 1,7-million strong community of accredited PRINCE2 Practitioners. Equally important, it is spread across some 150 countries around the world.
  • Get a lead on the rest. That is to say, get access to a dynamically updated global repository of good practices and lessons learned. They come from a broad range of industries and markets.


  • Projects face a higher risk of failure than operations-as-usual. PRINCE2® methodology permits to reduce and better control this risk.
  • Adopting the PRINCE2® method offers a higher probability of project success. PRINCE2 training helps to ensure that from start to end a project keeps its business justification. That is to say, it remains desirable from the perspective of the Executive. Achievable from the perspective of the customer. And viable from the perspective of suppliers.
  • When your organisation implements PRINCE2®, it is taking an action that is akin to due diligence, of sorts. Point often overlooked,  use of PRINCE2® offers stakeholders protection from not achieving the highest possible return on their investment.
  • In the case of non-profit organisations, adoption of PRINCE2® can boost your funding. PRINCE2 offers donors reasonable protection from unjustifiable exposure of their funds to an avoidable risk of jeopardy. As a result, fund security increases. This outcome can reduce donor vulnerability to audit. And that can drive more funding to your organisation´s projects.

This is why we consider gettig PRINCE2 qualified essential to your career advancement. PRINCE2 training will teach you actionable skills. Also, it will provide your organisation with a coherent system of result-orientated principles, themes and processes.


To conclude, getting PRINCE2 qualified  forms a core part of today’s essential PM training.

essential PM training includes PRINCE2 training

  1. First thing to remember, select a course type (Foundation, Practitioner, or combined).
  2. After that, decide on the number of people you need to have trained.
  3. And finally, determine if you’d prefer the course to be held online, on your premises or at a near by venue.

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