Terms and Conditions of Sales

Benefit from our flexible booking terms

Flexible booking terms that aim to make your life easier are a unique feature of FlexiLern Terms and Conditions of Sales.

FlexiLern is a PRINCE2 licensed affiliate on behalf of AXELOS

Valid from: 05/2017

The present Terms and Conditions of Sales form an integral part of any purchase of our services and are binding for the buyer, be it physical person or legal entity.

Organization and conduct of training courses


By filling out a Delegate Registration Form accessible on www.flexilern.com. you register for participation in our training course of your choosing. Registered candidates are queued in accordance with the sequence of payment.

Your registration becomes valid only upon us receiving your payment. The payment of a course participation fee by a candidate represents binding acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions of Sales and Terms and Conditions of Attending Events in their entirety.

Once the payment has been credited to our company bank or PayPal account, a confirmation email will be sent to the address provided in the Delegate Registration Form. We will use personal details you provided during registration to generate personalized exam vouchers and PRINCE2® accreditation certificates. We do not bear any responsibility for the issuing of invalid vouchers and/or certificates should you provide incorrect personal details.

Time and location of courses/ Rescheduling/Cancellation/Change of venue

Start dates and duration of scheduled public courses will be posted on www.flexilern.com. We retain the right to cancel or reschedule courses at our discretion without providing reasons at any moment until 24 hours before their scheduled start, change the venue and/or location as well as the trainer without giving rise to any claims of refund by registered delegates beyond those stipulated in the Refunds section of the present Terms and Conditions of Sales.  In case of course cancellation, we will endeavour to agree with registered delegates on new dates and/or location. Under no circumstances can FlexiLernVA e.U. be considered in any way liable for any direct or indirect financial or other costs, losses and/or damages to delegates and/or their sponsoring entities caused by cancellation or rescheduling of courses and/or change of its venue and/or location.

Course prices and associated fees

Prices for participation in confirmed public courses are posted on www.flexilern.com. These prices include all manuals and other training aids required for successfully completing the programme. They also include examination fees charged by the Examination Institute appointed by AXELOS. At our complete discretion we may occasionally include in quoted prices coffee breaks, light snacks, and promotional give-aways. Delegates remain at all times responsible for their travel arrangements, overnight accommodation and meals.

Participation in a courtse is confirmed only once a delegate’s payment has been credited to our company bank or PayPal account and a participation confirmation notice issued.

We will provide price quotes for in-house courses on request from legal entities. These lump sum quotes will, unless explicitly specified otherwise, include all costs and fees associated with the conduct of the course, including trainer costs and fees. We will not provide itemized cost/fee breakdown. Sales tax or value added tax will be added when and where applicable. Terms and conditions of payment for in-house courses will be stipulated in specific contracts.

Refunds are part of our uniquely flexible booking terms

We offer uniquely flexible booking terms. A registered individual delegate has the right to cancel participation at a course. The cancellation notice shall be sent by email in the form of a .pdf attachment signed by the delegate in person. In the case of a cancellation at any time before 14 calendar days from the scheduled course start date, the delegate will receive a full refund through the same channel used for the payment of the course fee. In the case of a cancellation in the period between 14 calendar days and 7 calendar days before the scheduled start of a course, a delegate will receive a 50% refund. In all other cases including, in particular, a no-show due to any reason whatsoever, a delegate will receive no refund. However, the non-refunded amount can be used as part of payment for participation in another course within a period of 12 months.

Legal entities that sponsor participation of delegates in public courses will receive similar treatment.

In the case of cancellation of in-house courses at any time after the signature of a corresponding contract, legal entities that have purchased it will not be entitled to any refund. However, in the case that new dates are agreed through an addendum to the original contract, the forfeited payment can be used to cancel all or part of financial obligations that arise to the customer from the addendum within a period of 12 months.

Course materials

As a properly certified Affiliate to an Accredited Training Organization, we stand under obligation to make available to delegates attending our seminars exclusively original course materials and/or manuals generated/approved by AXELOS. Our trainers for each of the AXELOS Best Management Practice products are guaranteed to bear valid certification from the Examination Institute appointed by AXELOS. We do not charge any mark-ups on prices of manuals and examination fees that we purchase from or through license and/or copyright owners.

Data protection

We are fully committed to handling the information we collect from you in a secure and responsible manner. Our webhost server is located in Austria and we observe the provisions of the Austrian data protection legislation, which fully conforms to European Union guidelines and standards. Our website pages default to HTTPS for all traffic. On our website, we capture and store only minimal personal information. Processing of delegates from registration to issue of seminar certificates is handled by our highly secure quality management system. For full details please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Attention to complaints

Our clients and delegates have the right to appeal or complain about our services.

An appeal or complaint can be sent in free form to office@flexilern.com within three days after the course or occasion that caused your discontent. Please state clearly the circumstances/setting together with the situation/action that gave rise to an appeal or complaint.

Although very rare, FlexiLernVA e.U. take any form of complaint very seriously.

Communication related to the conduct of our courses will be dealt with by the Lead Trainer. Delegates on a course are encouraged to raise their course-related concerns/complaints directly and without delay with the course trainer who will strive to resolve them immediately.

Communications related to course administration/organisation and payments/refunds will be dealt with by the Managing Director.

We will do our best to respond to all complaints within 48 hours and resolve them as quickly as possible.

We keep the right to disregard complaints written in insulting or abusive language.

If your appeal or complaint remains unresolved two weeks after you raised it, you may wish to escalate it to the accrediting and examination institute PeopleCert by writing to https://www.peoplecert.org/contact.

General conditions

Product-related liability

Any claims for damages to individuals and legal entities, including third parties, caused by mere negligence, are excluded. Our contract partners bear the binding responsibility and liability to ensure that this exclusion of liability is carried on to their own partners and customers.

Copyright protection, use and legal issues

Reproducing, copying, forwarding, sharing or disseminating by any means whatsoever, including electronically, information received from us, and/or its publishing on public domains with open access, is allowed only with our explicit written agreement. Information and documentation received from us in the context of course participation is intended solely for the delegate’s personal use.

If any provision of the present Terms and Conditions of Sales is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part but would be valid and enforceable if part of the wording were deleted the said provision shall be deemed to apply with such modifications as may be necessary to make it valid and enforceable and any such modification shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of these Website Terms and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected hereby.

Parties to this agreement do not have the right to transfer, pawn, sell their obligations or otherwise cede their liabilities to third parties.  Any action taken in violation of this ban is legally void.

Any approval, endorsement or agreement to changes in this agreement become legally binding only once expressly confirmed by us by means of formal correspondence bearing the owner’s signature and company stamp. Same procedure applies to promises of our commercial representatives and/or partners.

Place of jurisdiction is the competent court for the District of Hollabrunn, Austria.


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