At the moment, we regularly conduct  PRINCE2 project management courses in the Virtual Instructor-Led Training format. 

Book your PRINCE2 project management courses here.

We deliver scheduled PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner training in GMT+1 time zone.

We can schedule PRINCE2 VILT courses in Australian and North American time zones on request.

Also on request, we can conduct PRINCE2 project management training in the classroom format. Our PRINCE2 Lead Trainer is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

So, what are your key benefits of attending a PRINCE2 project management course?

Nowadays, an investment in PRINCE2 project management training is not only about raising the effectiveness of project delivery. Or simply doing a better job.

Above all, it´s about…

When thinking about PRINCE2, think about this:

Project managers trained in the PRINCE2 method of project management do two things really well.

One, they can handle any kind of a project. Two, many could double up as pilots.

You may be wondering: What is this funny opening all about? Am I being taken for a ride? What can the PRINCE2 project management method possibly have in common with flying a plane?

If you come to think of it, quite a lot. Starting with something that lies at the very core of both skill sets – a structured method.

PRINCE2 provides a system of  SOPs

For flying, it’s the aviation checkbook. For project management, it’s the PRINCE2 method.

The key idea behind both is the same – standard operating procedures.

Pilots follow them scupulously through the different phases of a flight.

Members of the PRINCE2 project team behave in much the same way.

They lock into the project mode once the Starting Up a Project process commences. And take the project to the end of the Closing a Project process by the book. Which means, in a logical, coherent, synchronized and efficient way.

And here comes the best part – you too can join some 1.79 million (and that´s a conservative estimate) professionals who are certified PRINCE2 Practitioners.

They come from more than 20,000 organisations spread among 158 countries around the world. Going through PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner training and passing the certification exam opens doors.

That’s not all. Each year numbers of accredited PRINCE2® practitioners grow by some 10 percent. А true indicator that PRINCE2® delivers what it promises.

And if you are not prepared (yet) to go the full mile, start with the PRINCE2 Foundation certification.

All the world is a project…

The PRINCE2 method of project management offers tangible and actionable benefits to delegates and organisations. While project management is about value for money, the PRINCE2 method that centres on the desirability of the business case. Diligent project management also has a focus on viability, which is a PRINCE2 core concept. In the same vein, project management following the PRINCE2 method is a sure way of ensuring that desired benefits are achievable.

The PRINCE2 method of project management enjoys such broad acceptance for a simple reason – it works. PRINCE2 provides a project management framework that reduces project risks and grows the probability of project success.

PRINCE2 project management methodology follows a set of nuanced rules distilled from practice and logical reasoning. Similarly, the PRINCE2 professional certification requires candidates to acquire a sharp eye for fine detail.

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam tests you on the knowledge of core rules and common sense. The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam tests you on logical reasoning based on a granular knowledge of PRINCE2.

We use accredited training materials to create bespoke training programmes to help you – as a start – pass your PRINCE2 Foundation exam. As a next step, we´ll guide you in your preparation for sitting the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

Join the trend. Book a place on one of our PRINCE2 project management courses. 

As a matter of fact, there are two levels to PRINCE2 certification. Accordingly, we offer both PRINCE2 Foundation (find here the detailed description of all 20+ course topics) and Practitioner courses, run separately or together.

We recommend a combined Foundation Practitioner course, what we call a Double Dip. This is by far the most popular training product that includes two certification exams.

In the classroom format, the PRINCE2 Foundation Practitioner course will command your undivided attention during five full days. But that´s it. Candidates take both Foundation and Practitioner exams DURING the course.  This way, our delegates sit PRINCE2 certification exams at the peak of their form.

In the virtual instructor-led training format, the Foundation Practitioner course takes four weekdays. Or two consecutive weekends. The reason is, candidates are responsible for scheduling their certification exams individually AFTER the course.

The tricky part here is not to succumb to procrastination. That is rather often the case with the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. Accordingly, during the course we will explain exactly the optimal approach to achieving PRINCE2 Practitioner exam readiness.

Here is your ultimate benefit – our PRINCE2 project management courses are always bundled with certification exams.

We do not offer courses without exams.

Or exams without courses.

FLEXILERN Advantages

  • Group training experience – classroom or virtual – for the price of e-learning (or sometimes less).
  • For classroom training, a course venue in-house or near by.
  • PRINCE2 Foundation Practitioner exam vouchers.
  • Course dates synchronized with your own schedule.
  • Highest standards of quality – we use accredited courseware and are a member of ASPECT- Association for the Promotion of Excellence in Consultancy and Training.
  • Small numbers, individual attention – course groups are limited to 12 delegates.
  • All course materials, PRINCE 2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner examinations and certificates included in the course price.

So, the PRINCE2 method offers a structured approach to project management.

“Structured” implies “repeatable”.

That in itself offers adepts of PRINCE2 a big advantage.

Instead of reinventing the wheel for each project, an organisation´s project management method needs to be set up only once. Project managers will just  apply it.

Please note that at least considering the need for tailoring will remain mandatory. Tailoring is one of seven PRINCE2 principles that must be observed.

The PRINCE2 method is a bit similar in concept to reusable space launch systems. All or some components can be recovered and reused. Such an approach helps to shave mega-bucks and kilo-hours off space mission projects.

In the same vein, the use of PRINCE2 can lead to huge savings in project management, too.

PRINCE2® has not been INVENTED. It has been DISCOVERED. Based on the foundation of experience drawn from a great number of projects.

And over the past three decades thousands of organisations have adopted it.

  • Small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Multinational corporations.
  • International organisations.
  • Public services.
  • Governments.

And all these thousands of entities run hundreds of thousands of PRINCE2 projects that employ millions.

Which means (DRUMROLL) they need PRINCE2®-qualified people to fill roles on their project management teams.

Gosh, what an amazing opportunity!

Is that a sufficient argument for queuing up to get PRINCE2® training, or what?

True, PRINCE2 training is not exactly cheap. But look at what you get in return.

  • Transferable skills that can boost your market value.
  • A globally recognised PRINCE2 Practitioner certification that vacancy notices define at least as an advantage. And often times, as a requisite.
  • With the knowledge of best practice in project management comes a boost in on-the-job confidence and performance.

Paying for the PRINCE2 training is not spending money. It´s investing in yourself. With a prospect of earning a terrific return on investment.

Is it a smashing proposition, or what?

To help you glean what´s the foundation of PRINCE2 here are some of its salient features.

In a nutshell, PRINCE2® embraces the planning, delegating, directing, managing and control of all project aspects. The purpose is to produce the clearly defined and agreed project product that will realize expected benefits.

The seven PRINCE2 principles that form the basis of a PRINCE2 project include:

  1. Continued business justification.
  2. Learn from experience.
  3. Defined roles and responsibilities.
  4. Manage by stages.
  5. Manage by exception.
  6. Focus on products.
  7. Tailor to suit the project environment.

The tailoring principle is unique to PRINCE®2.

That´s what makes the method highly adaptable to specific organisational and project environments. Here are some benefits that tailoring brings.

  • Ensures that the project management method and approach are fit for the project.
  • Ensures that PRINCE2 project team configuration and project controls match project complexity, scale, importance, risk and team capability.
  • Allows to avoid the extremes of mechanistic and heroic approaches to project management.

Another principle exclusive to PRINCE® focuses on management by exception.

It frees the senior management from the burden of chores involved in project management. But they keep holding the project´s helm firmly in their hands regardless.

The management by exception principle is implemented through the concept of tolerances. They provide the basis for –

  • Delegation of authority from one level of management down to the next.
  • And escalation of deviations that exceed the agreed tolerances in the opposite direction.

An absolute minimum of invested time that still ensures full control, is that the perfect deal, or what?

Anyway, that was your first  taste of PRINCE2®. A trailer, of sorts.

The full cycle of PRINCE2 training including PRINCE2 Practitioner takes between four and five days.

PRINCE2 Virtual Instructor-Led Training format is a tad shorter. Candidates sit Foundation exam and Practitioner exam individually online AFTER completing their PRINCE2 training.

The PRINCE2 classroom or face-to-face course format includes candidates sitting paper-based Foundation Practitioner exams in a group DURING this course.

So, to sum it all up, what is the appeal of PRINCE2®?

  • Provides the essentials for successfully delivering projects of any size and complexity.
  • Applies to a wide range of industries and public services.
  • Offers a step-by-step guidance on how to achieve successful realization of a business case that serves as project basis.
  • Separates project management responsibilities from specialist product-related work.
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is respected globally. It aligns with internationally recognised quality standards related to project management.

We hope to meet you soon on one of our PRINCE2 project management courses!

And in the meantime, keep safe.

FlexiLernVA e.U. is an Accredited Training Organisation licensed by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS to conduct PRINCE2 ® 6th Edition Foundation and Practitioner accredited courses using own PeopleCert-accredited course materials.

Flexilern is PRINCE2 Accredited Training Organisation
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