Our PRINCE2 classroom courses are not rocket science.

But chances are, they’ll take you to a higher orbit.

Training on demand for corporate clients.

Here you’ll find full detail of the 21 course topics included in our accredited PRINCE2 classroom courses.

Yes, that´s correct – CLASSROOM.

Sure, we are fully aware that PRINCE2 VIRTUAL training has taken off like a rocket during the COVID-19 lockdown.

And to help you make an informed choice, here are some of its PROs and CONs.

But back to the subject, what are the key benefits of learning PRINCE2 ?

In the post-COVID19 times, PRINCE2 is not an option any more.

It´s a must. It´s your life line.

Nowadays, an investment in PRINCE2 training is not only about efficiency of change management. Or effectiveness of project delivery. Or simply doing a better job.

Above all, it´s about…

Think about this:

Successful project managers do two things really well.

One, they are natural-born communicators.
Two, many could double up as pilots.

You are certainly wondering:
What is this funny opening all about? Am I being taken for a ride? What can project management have possibly in common with flying a plane?

If you come to think of it, quite a lot. Starting with something that lies at the very core of both skill sets:

A structured method.

A structured method

For flying, it’s the aviation checkbook.

For project management, it’s PRINCE2®.

The key idea behind both is the same – standard operating procedures.
An aircrew follows them minutely through the different phases of a flight.
Members of a project team behave in much the same way. They lock into the project mode once the Starting Up a Project process commences. And take it to the end of the Closing a Project process by the book. Which means, in a logical, coherent, synchronized and efficient way.

And here comes the best part:

Some 1.7 million (and that is a very conservative estimate) professionals are certified in PRINCE 2®. They come from more than 20,000 organisations spread over 158 countries around the world .

That’s not all:
Each year numbers of accredited PRINCE2® practitioners grow by some 10 percent. This growth is a true indicator that PRINCE2® delivers what it promises.

PRINCE2 classroom courses remain hugely popular

Click here for information about PRINCE2 classroom courses in 2020

Join the trend. Purchase one of our PRINCE2 classroom courses.
Enter the future of project management.

With this in mind, let’s talk briefly about what is PRINCE2 certification and how beneficial it is.

As a matter of fact, there are two levels to PRINCE2 certification. Accordingly, we offer both PRINCE2® Foundation (find here the detailed description of all 20+ course topics) and Practitioner classroom courses, separately or together. It’s just like in the good old days before e-learning. Only better. Because we use modern-day knowledge, methods of instructions and equipment to help you learn. In the same fashion, we believe that learning in a real group can provide lots of excitement, fun and discovery. Our classroom learning experience can be offered at a date and location of your choice.

Our courses always include exams.

We do not offer courses without exams.

Or exams without courses.

FLEXILERN Advantages

  • Real group training experience for the price of e-learning (or sometimes less)
  • Course venue in-house or near by
  • Course dates synchronized with your own schedule
  • Highest standards of quality – we use award-winning accredited courseware and form part of the Aspect Quality Training Providers Association
  • Small numbers, individual attention – groups are limited to 12 delegates
  • All course materials, examinations and certificates included in the course price

Find out HERE what else sets us apart from numerous other licensed training providers.

Then again, don’t be kidding yourself – PRINCE2 training involves a steep learning curve. Above all, PRINCE2 certification exams are tough to pass. Besides, PRINCE2 certification cost is pretty high. Under the circumstances, online training is definitely not the best choice for eveybody. And that’s precisely the reason why we offer only classroom courses.

Experience has convinced us that learning in a live group gives delegates better subject knowledge and prepares them better for certification exams.

PRINCE2 classroom courses join the winning trend
accredited PRINCE2 classromm courses

FlexiLernVA e.U., an Affiliate licensed by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS, runs PRINCE2 ® accredited courses in association with and using course materials of Insights, a PeopleCert Accredited Training Organisation.

PRINCE2 Licensed Affiliate logo

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