FlexiLern is a small privately owned company that provides highly qualified and experienced project and programme management trainers to deliver PRINCE2® and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) training to accredited training organisations.

FlexiLern project and programme management trainers offer:

  • 20+ years of hands-on experience in project and programme management.
  • Experience in conducting virtual-instructor-led training conducted to audiences in the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand.
  • Experience in conducting face-to-face courses in Madrid, Barcelona, Ghent, Liege, Hamburg, München, Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Luxembourg, Basel, Zürich, Geneva, Lausanne.
  • A unique path to achieving exam readiness that has been proven highly effective.

Since 2019, FlexiLern project and programme management trainers have trained over 1200 delegates in businesses and public sector organisations active in:

  • Operation of infrastructure:

    • seaports,
    • gas pipelines,
    • railways,
    • drainage and waste water management.
  • Logistics – express delivery services.

  • Construction:

    • roadways,
    • office buildings,
    • industrial facilities,
    • overhauling heritage buildings
    • post-earthquake school rebuilding.
  • New product and process development for engineering and manufacturing:

    • car components,
    • e-scooters,
    • wind turbines,
    • industrial pumps,
    • food products, including a world brand in chocolate & energy bars, fast food and pet food
    • artificial mineral fibres,
    • pharmaceuticals,
    • medical equipment,
    • armaments.
  • Change of business architecture:

    • online betting and casinos,
    • insurance,
    • outer space exploration
    • modern art gallery.

Government departments:

  • national health service,
  • hospital,
  • police,
  • department of justice,
  • department of transportation,
  • crime victim support,
  • national transportation authority,
  • national space administration,
  • national ICT regulatory authority.
  • Management and investment consultancy firms.

  • International organisations involved in economic development, humanitarian relief, interreligious dialogue, health, strategic policy analysis.

  • Driving innovation and change in information and communications technology

    • Operation of national computational infrastructure.
    • IT support in banking.
    • IT support in government departments and public service agencies.
    • Mobile communications and internet providers.
    • Photogrammetry and drone mapping.
    • SAP delivery, data migration and integration.
    • Data analytics engineering/dashboards.
    • Master data management.
    • ORACLE APEX development.
    • Digital transformation and mixed reality.
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