PRINCE2 Fiction brings fun to the study of project management

PRINCE2 fiction is the fun part of PRINCE2® – one of the world’s most popular and widely used project management methods.

The unique concept of PRINCE2 Fiction adds a fun dimension to studying.

“The Deep-Space Oddity Project” represents a highly innovative PRINCE2 study guide that aims to engage learners.

The language of the novella is lively and conversational. Its plot includes a mild splash of suspense. And a generous dash of humour. PRINCE2 fiction explains concepts through dialogues and “war stories”. Such presentation makes them sticky and easier to understand and remember.

PRINCE2 fiction wraps concepts in an intriguing plot populated by a cast of lifelike characters to whom readers will easily relate.

The plot breathes life into a fictitious department that follows protocols to monitor deep space for movement of alien spaceships. It also monitors flare-ups of galactic hostilities and similar creepy stuff. Happily for some, and disappointingly for others, none of the latter oddities had been reliably documented so far.

But it also deals with more common occurrences involving space rocks, black comets, gravitation-field bubbles and anti-matter splashes.

Against this backdrop, a previously undetected asteroid hurtles at Earth from the depth of space. Can PRINCE2 help to mobilise global politics and save humanity?

This novel has been published under license from PeopleCert. It can serve both as a PRINCE2-7 study aid and application guide.

Here are some excerpts from a review of PRINCE2 fiction by Brad Egeland, a most prominent blogger and influencer in the field of project management.

“In my lifetime, I’ve reviewed a mound of books on project management. And there was none that had any resemblance to it. Hence, I do believe that “The Deep-Space Oddity Project” is new and unique in its concept. At least I am not aware of anything remotely similar existing on the market.

The plot focuses on problems and challenges that project managers routinely encounter in their jobs. In my experience, describing how to meet those problems and challenges is something that really resonates with the readers.

I readily admit that I was hooked by the characters’ wry humour and abundant wit oozing from the pages.

“The Deep-Space Oddity Project” provides a crisp description of how to start a project and how to correctly close it. It doesn’t seem like a lot? Just recall all the projects that have miserably failed because they were not set up in the right way. Or those that went on and on without any purpose because no one bothered to stop them.

For CIOs, CEO and executives of all kinds, this may be a compelling introduction to the PRINCE2 way of thinking and its benefits.

And for all those in our profession who are simply curious about the way things work in the world of structured project management, “The Deep-Space Oddity Project” offers enough fact and fable to satisfy their curiosity and leave them enticed to explore a new avenue of professional development.”

“The Deep-Space Oddity Project” in e-book and print-on-demand formats
are available for purchase from Amazon .