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Is PRINCE2 worth it? The money? The time? The effort? My blog may help you answer this question.

So, is PRINCE2 worth it or is it just a ruse devised to milk you for your money? Lastly, it’s only you who can answer this question for yourself. What I can do, is provide some food for your thought.

But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Alex. I am the owner of Flexilern. And its Lead Trainer. Hence, when you buy PRINCE2 training from Flexilern, I’ll be the one to conduct it. In fact, I’ve got some two decades of hands-on practice in project management under my belt. Which means, I teach from experience. And I am experienced as a PRINCE2 trainer, too.

Prior to the pandemic, I’ve conducted classroom training in PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner modules across Europe. Training locations included Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Dublin, Cork, Copenhagen, Ghent, Stockholm, Barcelona, Madrid. And Vienna, which is my home turf.

Without a doubt, a more pressing question for many delegates can be: is PRINCE2 worth it in the online training format?

Meanwhile, since mid-2020, I had to switch to conducting PRINCE2 training in the virtual instructor-led training mode. In terms of global presence, that worked to my advantage. In 2020-22, I delivered PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner training to delegates in the UK, Canada, New York, Chicago, Florida, Los Angeles and Denver, Colorado – as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Ethiopia.

For that reason I can tell, virtual instructor-led training is tough on the trainer. And ways tougher on delegates. But if circumstances preclude a reasonable alternative, it can still achieve the objective of making delegates exam-ready.

In conclusion, my posts will focus on both key concepts and some fine nuances of the PRINCE2 method. I’ll share with you some real-life experiences – both funny and not-so-funny ones – as well as offer my view about the overall utility of PRINCE2.

Alex Kuvshinnikov
prince2 in it sector

PRINCE2 in IT sector

IT is the new frontier. Use of PRINCE2 in the IT sector keeps up with its expansion. PRINCE2 in the IT sector has been used since the method´s very inception.…
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prepare project brief

Prepare project brief

While preparing the project brief, I recommend adopting the “let´s see how we can do it!” attitude.  It aims to figure out how to convert the mandate – even if…
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prince2 project checklist

PRINCE2 project checklist

The PRINCE2 project checklist provides a road map for ensuring compliance with PRINCE2 principles. The project manager can include the PRINCE 2 project checklist in the project brief. To qualify…
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prince2 in banking and finance

PRINCE2 in banking and finance

IS PRINCE2 USED IN THE BANKING AND FINANCE SECTOR? YOU BET! Examples of organisations that use PRINCE2 in banking and finance include Barclays, Atradius, HSBC, the Royal Bank of Scotland,…
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prince2 project board

PRINCE2 Project Board

Among PRINCE2 project team roles, the executive has sole accountability for the project´s success PRINCE2 project board members should display the following four characteristics. Authority. Their position in the organisation…
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measure intangible benefits

How to measure intangible benefits in PRINCE2

HERE IS ONE BASIC TECHNIQUE TO MEASURE INTANGIBLE BENEFITS. AND IT´S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. PRINCE2 requires the project manager to define how to measure intangible benefits in the benefits management…
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