2022 PRINCE2 learning material at your fingertips

Here you’ll find links to some PRINCE2 learning material that describes what we teach on our courses.

Overall, our specialty is delivering quality training one-on-one or in small groups.

Our accredited PRINCE2 learning material includes slides, exercises and handouts. And besides, we place great empahsis on teaching eliminative induction to answer exam questions.

Specifically, our experience proves that this is the most efficient way for delegates to achieve PRINCE2 certification. Our training schedule requires a minimum investment of time to achieve the desired result. Consequently, it offers great value for money.

In particular, we offer both scheduled Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) courses and classroom courses on demand.

The complete course includes Foundation and Practitioner modules and takes two consecutive weekends (VILT) or five days (classroom) to complete. In any event, exam vouchers are included. But candidates have to schedule their online exams individually AFTER the course.

Honestly speaking, VILT won’t be our preference.

A reason is, it’s pretty hard on delegates.

As you can glean from the PRINCE2 learning material, the accredited course content has a steep learning curve. Delegates need to maintain full concentration throughout the daily ten hours of instruction. But in virtual classes, delegates’ attention tends to waver as distractions abound. In reality, it is not unusual that delegates engage in other activities and just can’t stay on the ball.

But sometimes PRINCE2 training just has to be online.

That’s why we regularly schedule weekend virtual courses. From 2020-2022, we conducted plenty of training in the VILT format. Accordingly, the knowledge gained from this experience helped us figure out how to compensate for delegates’ wavering concentration. The accredited course content and course materials remain the same. Naturally.

To emphasize, we deliver all PRINCE2 training using accredited PRINCE2 learning material. It makes delegates eligible for sitting PRINCE2 certification exams.

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As an illustration, here you can get full details about the courses’ content:




For Practitioner exam tips, look here. 

If you prefer to have it straight from the horse´s mouth, you can look up more AXELOS learning resources here.


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