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PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is a proof of essential PM competence. That’s what businesses and governments across the world tend to agree on.

  1. What’s in it for you?
  2. Why does attempting sample PRINCE 2 Practitioner exams matter (so much)?
  3. The three exam techniques and two types of knowledge
  4. Prerequisites for taking PRINCE2 Practitioner exam

RIGHT FROM THE START, A WORD OF CAUTION. Going Through a  Two-day PRINCE2 Practitioner Training is Like Drinking from a Hose.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Stretch by Flexilern

That is due to the steepness of the learning curve. And the continuous testing. To build stress levels up even further, you must reckon with the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam being serious stuff. It will wring most delegates out dry.

The bottom line is, completing a typical PRINCE2 Practitioner course schedule requires not only plenty of effort. You will also need to show quite some learning ability. And excellent command of business English on top of that. Certified competence in a top PM method does not come easy.

 And before committing yourself, it makes sense to find out what exactly will your investment bring you. In terms of both knowledge and the pain involved in ayquiring it. So, let’s have a look at PRINCE2 Practitioner course details below.

Our accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner course has full focus on achieving exam-readiness. 

The mornings on Day 1 and Day 2 of the course are essentially dedicated to completing the two Practitioner mock exams in class. An objective is to get the candidates accustomed to time pressure and physical fatigue.

Above all, the Practitioner exam involves 2 1/2 hours of unrelenting pressure on your mind and reasoning. You’ll need to learn how to cope with it. And you can only learn from the actual, albeit simulated, experience.

top PM method PRINCE2 Practitioner Stretch by Flexilern

Other important benefits of doing both sample Practitioner exams in class include:

top PM method PRINCE2 Practitioner Stretch by Flexilern benefits

In the afternoons, a question-by-question review of sample exams takes place. Candidates can practice and perfect their use of abductive reasoning. In other words, their wearing a PRINCE2 hat. That means, finding rigorous PRINCE2 explanations that allow to refute wrong answer options.

Overall, the core techniques involved in every PRINCE2 exam include applying PRINCE2 knowledge, using common sense and guessing.

In fact, the Foundation exam content allows for sailing through less on knowledge and more on common sense. But without a doubt, when sitting a Practitioner exam, neither common sense nor guessing will do you any good. Most certainly, the Practitioner exam is ALL about knowledge.

But there are two kinds of knowledge that you’ll need to apply. Firstly, the actual knowledge of PRINCE2 concepts. The substantive knowledge, if you wish.

The other kind of knowledge is that of keywords and the ability to recognize hints. You can call it, the contextual or speculative knowledge. Arguably, this latter is more important for passing the exam.

Our teaching method includes helping delegates acquire both substantive and contextual knowledge.

Most important, delegates keep telling us that this approach gives them tremendous value.

Over and above practicing with the sample exams, our trainer will present and discuss a range of tips and techniques to negotiate the exam with confidence.

    • What are the respective benefits of two-pass and time-based techniques.
    • How to onvert questions to true/false statements. Ways of eliminating incorrect options. Looking for grammatical inconsistencies.
    • Ways to see through the shrouds of truth that may be hiding the best lies.
    • How to scan information sources for giveaway words that include qualifiers, true statements and risky words that suggest uncertainty.
    • How to use PRINCE2 guidance efficiently under time pressure.


To be eligible to sit the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination, a candidate must hold the prerequisite PRINCE2 Foundation certification obtained after 1 January 2009.

The following qualifications are also accepted as a substitute for the PRINCE2 Foundation certificate.

Issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI):

  • Project Management Professional® (PMP).
  • Certified Associate in Project Management® (CAPM).

Issued by the International Project Management Association (IPMA):

  • A Level (Certified Projects Director).
  • B Level (Certified Senior Project Manager).
  • C Level (Certified Project Manager).
  • D Level (Certified Project Management Associate).

Candidates who wish to have their prior certification recognized must be able to provide documentary proof that their qualification remains current by uploading a scan of their certificate to their profile on


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